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The Property Prize was founded in 2019 with the aim of improving social mobility amongst young people. We try to promote business and entrepreneurial spirit in underprivileged communities. Even though we started with the property sector, demand has seen us go further afield.

We help sixth form students from state schools get invaluable, and otherwise unattainable work placements in a variety of prestigious organisations. We are glad to say that nearly all the organisations we have partnered with had no work placement scheme focusing on state school students in place and were delighted to participate. In reality, if such work placements are out there they are often taken up by privately educated students or those with connections. Often, very able state school students miss out due to a lack of access.

The Property Prize recognises the importance of being immersed in a professional working environment, very often for the first time. We encourage our students to use these experiences on their CVs and university applications, allowing them to talk about their work placements first hand, convincing universities and employers that they are the right candidates for them.

Since launching, we have reached out to over 150 state schools in 15 London boroughs, partnering with dozens of schools and reaching out to over 10,000 students. Our first students have already completed their work experiences with one of our employer partners (the number of which is growing rapidly), and we have received some really positive feedback from both employers and students. Indeed, some of our students have already been asked back for further work.

As well as guiding students with a pre-placement workshop, we now also offer mentoring programs which range from  CV workshops to career guidance and mock interviews to email etiquette classes. Much of this support is provided by senior professionals who volunteer their time and are often best placed to give such invaluable advice.

We believe that regardless of the student's background, given they are motivated and driven, they deserve a fair chance.