Thank you so much for telling me about your career path. It was really interesting to get to know the struggles you have faced and how you overcame these. It definitely gave me a lot of confidence that I will be able to get the job that I want.

Sofia, student

It was a great pleasure to mentor such a talented young woman like Sofia. I have no doubt, she will achieve everything that she will put her mind to.

Peter, Sofia's mentor

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Students first go through our mentoring program and learn how to write the perfect CV, nail a job interview and write a professional email. No industry specific information or training is given to them at this point.

We then match them with a mentor in the sector in which they aspire to work in.

This is where you come in...


We expect you to mentor one student over the course of one month (of course you can take on more if you want). 

This will involve four 30-minute long online sessions.

The first one is designed to get to know the student and learn what their needs are.

Sessions number two and three will focus on covering the information identified as important, i.e. customising the student's CV, practicing interview questions, learning more about your industry etc.

The last one will be used to summarise what has been learnt and discuss the next steps for the student.

We hope this will result in a successful relationship for years to come where you will be a source of inspiration and guidance for the mentee.

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Successful Work Team


When you sign up we (and the students) want to know about your career path:

What are your current job title and day-to-day responsibilities?

How long have you been working?

How did you get your first job?

How did you get into your career?

When did you realise what you wanted to do?

Did you know that your job existed before you started working?

What can you help me with?




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